Pellowah and RESET are both deeply relaxing therapies that help the body regain a greater sense of wellbeing. One of the main differences between the two of them is that hands are placed on the body (head, TMJ and jaw area) with RESET and not with Pellowah (which is similar to Reiki in that regard). Appointments for both therapies are 1 hour of quiet time that’s very peaceful and relaxing!

Pellowah is a therapy that unblocks and realigns all meridians in the body, releases old issues and stress, and gives a feeling of connection and wellbeing. Every Pellowah session builds on the previous session, raising the level of our energy, improving our metabolism and providing us with a higher perspective. This enables us to make better choices and tap into our body wisdom and intuition so we can fulfill our potential. Pellowah can therefore have a different effect on different people depending on their circumstances, as the testimonials below indicate.

‘Julie I would like to thank you for the Pellowah Treatment you gave me recently. Since having Pellowah I have found I feel more centered, not as anxious about life in general, in fact I feel old wounds have healed, especially relating to grief and loss. I also feel my general health has improved. Pellowah is a gentle treatment with amazing benefits. Thank you again Julie. Cheers.’
‘After the session that evening, my rheumatoid was painful (as always!), however the next morning I woke up pain free, the best I have woken up in years and full of energy, like I had risen to another level in life!!! Thank you Julie, I will be back!’


RESET balances the jaw to balance the body. Hands are placed on particular muscles on the head, TMJ and jaw area to energise and facilitate deep relaxation of 80% of the muscles in the body which can provide relief for many of the health issues described in the testimonials in this link, such as addictions, allergies, arthritis, asthma, autism, blood pressure, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, dehydration, diabetes, dizziness, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, headache, hearing, heavy metals, learning problems, liver, migraine, multiple sclerosis, pain, rickets, sinus, skin, sports, stress/anxiety, stroke, thyroid, TMJ/jaw, vision and women’s issues.