Gift Vouchers to the value of $30, $60, $90 or $120 are available for any combination of therapies, classes or products offered by Julie and Wellbeing & Weightloss. They are available from Woodsys Real Food Store in Goondiwindi or by emailing Julie.

The Gift Vouchers available at Woodsys are printed on pale blue lightweight, metallic card,¬†folded and tied with a ribbon (as pictured). Julie also provides Gift Voucher’s by email, which aren’t folded with a ribbon but can have personalised messages typeset directly onto them.

Examples of some popular Gift Vouchers: $30 for yoga classes or Wellbeing Blends, $60 for 1 hour of kinesiology or Pellowah, $90 for a combination of all of the above, or $120 for a combination of all of the above with a longer kinesiology session or a private yoga class.