Australian Bush Flower Essences


Wellbeing Blends

The Australian Bush Flower Essences focus on bringing out and enhancing the positive qualities present in everyone. They’re catalysts for helping us fulfill our potential and for creating emotional health and wellbeing. During kinesiology sessions Julie muscle tests to see if the body recommends a particular essence or blend of essences will be beneficial at that time. Having trained with Ian White, she tests for and uses his Australian Bush Flower range as well as his White Light and Light Frequency ranges.

Some of the Australian Bush Flower Essences Julie has available for wellbeing and weightloss include:
Billy Goat Plum – to accept and enjoy the physical body
Boab – to remove inappropriate old family beliefs and attitudes about food and physical appearance Bottlebrush – breaking old dietary habits
Five Corners – to allow a person to love themselves without having to find that same love through food
Fringed Violet + Sturt Desert Pea – where weight is associated with held-in emotional pain or trauma
Mulla Mulla – where fear, associated with heat and fire, manifests as a protective layer of fat
Old Man Banksia – for the heavy, sluggish times when energy is lacking
Wedding Bush – for commitment to a diet or exercise regime
Wild Potato Bush – where there is frustration with the physical state and functioning of the body
(Australian Bush Flower Healing)

These Wellbeing Blends, which are made up of Australian Bush Flower Essences, are also available from Julie during appointments at The Blue Shed or from Woodsy’s Real Food Store in Goondiwindi:
Abundia – Clear financial sabotage patterns and open to receiving abundance in all ways.
Blend of Bluebell, Boab, Christmas Bell, Five Corners, Philotheca, Southern Cross and Sunshine Wattle.
Electro Clear – Reduce effects of electromagnetic radiation and get back into balance.
Blend of Bush Fuschia, Crowea, Fringed Violet, Mulla Mulla, Paw Paw and Waratah.
* Take 7 drops of the chosen essence(s) under the tongue am and pm daily or as needed.