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Julie Reardon offers yoga classes, kinesiology, eating psychology, nutritional counselling, Pellowah and the Wellbeing Blends range of essential oils and essences to increase and maintain wellbeing!


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Increased wellbeing helps us feel light in body, mind and spirit, so weightloss (if there’s excess weight) can naturally follow!

You’re most welcome to email julie@wellbeingandweightloss.com or phone 07 4671 4879 if you’d like more details or to book an appointment in Goondiwindi. The Wellbeing Blends range is also available from Julie or Woodsy’s Real Food Store in Goondiwindi.

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Julie Reardon certified eating psychology coach

‘I am very excited that you use Kinergetics with your program. In my opinion, the holistic program you are offering is exactly what the weightloss industry needs. You are most certainly the perfect person to give the ongoing support needed for people to succeed in weightloss and wellbeing and I think you have nailed it with your comment about authenticity linked to weight.’